Isabella St Simon - Visual Artist

I have been receiving strange emails asking me what I know about tickets for ‘Naaczaal.’ At first I thought it might be the name of papa’s new boat or a club he was backing, but from the sound of it, this is something altogether different. One crazy email I could have ignored, but any more than that is too many.

So I asked my papa if he knew anything about ‘Naaczaal.’ He said no, but he turned grey and shook a bit, so I knew he was lying. I was intrigued, and decided to pilfer his office while he was out to see what I can find. I haven’t done that since I was fifteen, when I would look for receipts for Christmas gifts to see what I was getting

It seems you’re right. I did find something about Naaczaal in my papa’s safe. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but maybe this is what you wanted to know?

Athens * Rio de Janeiro * Kyoto * Vancouver Raised in privilege. Eyes
focused on bettering the world.
Art that sees the beauty and meaning in all people, all places, all times.